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Red Deer Programs


Launch is a paid work experience program for young adults ages 20 to 30.


Clients will have some post-secondary education (college, university, trades) and be unemployed and struggling to find employment due to a lack of experience or career focus. Each client will develop an action plan specific to their employment goals and will be provided with one-on-one career and employment counselling for which the client will receive a training allowance. The paid work experience component connects the client with an employer who will provide occupation-specific training.  This allows for the development of relevant work experience. Full-time, sustainable employment is the program objective.

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Priority Employer Program

Helping Businesses Put Ability First


The Priority Employer Program (PEP) was developed to support by offering a range of resources, training and guidance to help with the recruitment, hiring and retaining and advancement of persons with disabilities.

PEP empowers employers through the provision of:

  • Online or in-person education and training related to advancing inclusion for employers and staff
  • Support and guidance for human resources activities
  • Access to employer focused tools, resources and publications
  • Supported connections to disability service providers
  • Provision of accessibility and ergonomic assessments for worksites
  • Assistance with applications for employer grants
  • Upskills training and micro-credentialing for current employees with disabilities and supervisors of employees with disabilities

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An Employment and Life Skills Program for Youth Between 16 and 30. 


ReBrand provides youth (ages 17 – 30) with an opportunity to develop essential life and career skills. Participants work through a series of facilitator-led modules that aid in career and education planning, stress management, job search skills, networking and much more. ReBrand participants also take part in Work Experience and Job Placements with regional employers. The end-goal upon program completion is for the participant to either obtain full-time employment or return to school to pursue further education.

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Winning Edge – Workplace Training (WPT)

Explore your employment options with on-the-job training opportunities.


Workplace Training partners with employers who can provide individual-centered programs, on-the-job training, and paid work experience. Participating employers agree to train or provide work experience for a predetermined period of time, with the expectation of the individual being able to engage and maintain employment in most cases with the same employer.

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