Technology has become an integral part of a business’s day to day operations and as Alberta, and the rest of the world, battle the COVID pandemic the need for well trained IT staff has never been more apparent.

As our teams work remotely many workers are finding themselves in desperate need of tech support.  Concerns over online security have caused many team meetings on Zoom to be held to discuss if they should even be on Zoom. Individuals that up until now only used their computers for wordprocessing and scrolling through Reddit are trying to troubleshoot hardware issues.).  My current tech support is my 16-year-old son but at some point, he will return to school (Please, let him return to school!), and then what?

I know I’m not alone in my tech ineptitudes.   I know that many companies that have tech support departments or that provide tech support are overworked, overwhelmed, and in need of additional workers.  While I may not have any of the skills needed to help companies with their tech issues I do know where to find an amazing pool of talent, ready willing and able to take on the tech challenge.

MCG Careers in Edmonton has developed a practical, hands-on Information and Communications Technology training program that is producing graduates with the technical skills needed to tackle a vast array of IT roles.  I recently spoke with the program director, David Icharia to learn more about the program (and if I’m being honest, to see if he could help me with some computer issues I was having.)  According to David, MCG is working in partnership with Global Knowledge, a worldwide industry leader in technical training, to train students with not just the technical skills (all graduates end up with numerous compTIA certifications and certification in Business Analysis) but also with the interpersonal and employability skills needed to be excellent employees. That’s where MCG’s expertise comes in.  Having over thirty years of experience MCG is well known within the Edmonton labour market for its ability to help employers meet their hiring needs.  Part of their success, according to David, lies in the fact that graduates and employers both receive ongoing support from MCG.  Imagine if every new employee came with a backup team to help them adjust to the new workplace!  What’s even better is the fact that there are no costs associated with the job placements and even the extensive training is free as the program is funded through the Ministry of Labour and Immigration.  Students even complete a work experience component that allows them the opportunity to “prove their merit.”  This has proven to be very popular with the companies that have already hired graduates.

While I’m not in a position to hire my own computer help desk/IT support and sadly will need to continue to rely on the tech skills of my teenager (he’s cheap, I can pay him in pop tarts) companies that are looking for an Information Communication Technology professional to join their team should reach out to David. With a current session in progress and another group starting their training June 1st these new graduates are sure to be quickly employed.

You can reach David at  780-448-1380 or by email at